Just a Click Away

Today is the last day of school for me, but don’t think for a minute I’m ceasing and desisting on learning.  Au Con traire’.  Except right now all I can focus on is my much deserved spring break.  Can’t wait.  I’ll miss class time, the large screen of the Mac and my instructor helping me at the drop of a hat when I need it.  Fortunately she’s a phone call and a email click away.

Meet up groups, internships and other things are in my future along with a slight hyperventilation.

If you have Mashable on your feed whether in Google+ or on FB you will be inundated with so much information you can’t keep up.  It is impossible.
I went on Twitter last night, my least favorite, and was overwhelmed with all I could follow..thank you.  I will keep them on hand due to the nature of my business, but as far as I’m concerned hash-tags belongs in a pan or on clothing.

There have been some new things happening in the news. One a large “rumor has it”is  Soft Layer Technology and who would like to buy them,then there was  SXSW in Austin Texas, bigger than the yearly race.( If you can believe that IN Texas)    Tapinfluence/former BlogFrog upping their game.

I may be leaving the “nest” but one thing is for sure, I’m well connected in the Tech World.  It’s just a click away.

(Considering how fast our technology is changing, it made me think of this song, the Year 2525.)

Ethics-What kind of Professional do you want to be?

I learned an Ethics lesson the other day.  In real time.  Some  lessons happen that way, they slap you upside the noggin when you’re least expecting it.  Kinda like in NCIS, the way Anthony Denuzzo always gets it.

1962 Dietsch's Photos

These are the original three owners, from left to right, Chris “Bud” Dietsch, Don “Johnny” Dietsch and Roy “Snitz” Dietsch, ( taken during the Sesquicentennial in Findlay, Ohio
(click on photo to go to Dietsch Bros.)

I was helping some people I’ve known for years  with their  social media.  This was my first actual professional, walk out- the- door- job.  I’ve known these people for years, their business is family owned.   They are the type of business  who gives 110% to everyone who walks through their door.

Well, the best laid plans…..would be a good quote.  I thought I had everything laid out in how I wanted to explain things, until   saw the work before me.  I know it wasn’t exactly the way I would have done it and that’s okay, we all have our own methods, and I didn’t have all the information yet anyway,but afterwards I learned a few things and realized —- I know loose ends when I see them.

Without saying too much at this point since this is an on going job, I asked myself some questions in general:

  • Did you make  a real effort, give it your all?
  • Would you leave YOUR work like that?
  • Are  you following through, consistently?   Don’t leave loose ends. ( make a check list)
  • Do you really have the time?
  • If not, then hire the kid down the street, an intern, your fellow former classmate.  I’m sure there are plenty of people right here in the good ole’ US of A who could use a job.  Helping them – help your client.

To say it bothered me would be an understatement, I was flabbergasted , not a good thing to be especially since I had to leave for an annual check for my blood pressure.  No kidding.  I saw things  that could have helped put these people on a social habit, on their own with a limited amount of  professional monthly maintenance, and the most important thing of all, increased their business.

Don’t think you’ve pulled the wool over on someone’s eyes just to get what you can get, because someone is going to see through your lack of effort.   This first time meeting set my own ethics on edge, and set my Professional on it’s own new path.  If I ever start to sway from this, then I hope someone gives me a good slap upside the ole’ noggin.

Its made me realize when going into a new “job”, make a list but expect the unexpected.  Take the time to evaluate what they know and what they don’t know.  Asses overall the  site you want to work on, and let them know when working on Social Media it’s hard not to look  at the big picture.  If it’s going to work and work well it has to function like a well oiled machine and each cog in the wheel is one part of it.  Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, the website or whatever.  Leave knowing you’ve done your best, whatever it is.

This posting is not about the people in the above photo.  They are an example of a family business that have worked hard and have given that 110%, if not more to make their customers happy and to keep them coming back and at the same time working to support their own family.

I grew up in Findlay, and I know, even though I’ve been away for a number of years, it’s like I’ve never left.  Dietsch Bros. is a tradition.  I wouldn’t dream of treating them any other way.  It doesn’t hurt that it’s an awesome ice cream and candy establishment either. 

Don’t cook the “blue bird” follow these steps instead

Emergency "Twitter was down so I wrote my...

Emergency “Twitter was down so I wrote my tweet on paper and photographed it and posted on flickr” : Satire on internet culture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s how you set up a Twitter Account without pulling out all of your hair.  I say all because it is Twitter and it can have that affect on me to pull my hair out.

Freelance Switch has given all of us hairless people (snicker)  a “how to step by step”, this couldn’t have been found at a better time. Recently, I set up a Twitter account for my school client and  it would’ve been nice to know this info existed.   I ‘ll be setting up another very soon so  Ta da!!  Ta da is a professional word, don’t let it throw you, it’s a word  this blueberry girl refers to when the summit has been reached.  Anyways, go to this link you’ll be glad you did.

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Hiring Startup and other things

 5 Characteristics to Look for When Hiring Talent

I’ve shared before how I love Vectortuts, it’s too bad I don’t know how to properly pronounce it.  I recently found one more among the many tutorials I simply have to try.  Actually having the time is another horse of a different color.  It’s a challenge for myself.  It’s a “simple” calligraphic pen, I believe the shiny tip of it winked at my curiosity. 


Mark Armstrong Illustration    –Tutorials…check it out

    Army men –looking at them in a whole new way.

Technology has run amok   —funny

Font really does matter

Responsive/Responsible Technology: a fine green line

As I was writing this I  just happen to see an article Responsive design Part 1,  in Web Designer , I’ve known technology  has been flying by at an accelerated rate,  this,  gave me the perspective I needed and  confirmed a few … Continue reading

What I did on my Summer VA CA



I’m back!!!!  I never really left ,  I was just dormant.  I knew I should have written a few posts  this past summer because I found some really good info, most times though,  I placed it on the link on FB .

During the summer I worked on Illustrator, leaving my coding to only a few solitary moments hoping magically the coding fairy would hit me with her wand and I’d know it instantly  turning me into  Super coder,  complete with  cape and all.  In my dreams,  it doesn’t work that way. and besides I’ve  hardly started,  I’m not  give up that easily.

I noticed a few tutorials while on FB, on Vectortuts, if you “Like”  them,  you’ll get hit with more than you can keep up with.  I tried the challenge of designing a cassette face, I made two.   A little odd considering we’ve moved on past the cassettes ( I still use a few ) , but they’re cute.

Regulator Clock

Okay, so these are my Cassettes, I could ‘ve  worked on more but had other things to do,  you can find these and more on Vectortuts,  besides my focus needs to be on  gradient mesh, I have lots to learn, so if I’m going to learn anything new it’ll be that.

This cassette was featured on the Vector Tuts website.

my Tiffany lamp

Later on in the summer I was looking at a lamp in my home and decided to try designing it as well as an old Regulator clock I used to own.  I know the gradient mesh lessons  will come in real handy to create that “pop” we hear about.  ( All work copyrighted bbwd )

I’m digging through my Design Image “trunk” and trying to see what else I can come up with…my  American Flag.  That was a challenge, but since I finished it I know how I’d approach it next time around.

I’m sure there is more, but I’ll leave it at that..needless to say it was a good summer and I even made it to the beach.

American Flag




Let’s Paint a Website

It seems most  times when I had to  add “alternate text” while coding I have done so with haphazard hesitation.  My hesitation comes from a sense of hurriedness, unsure what to write exactly and a slight amount of guilt.  The later reason fueled me to ask a friend who lost her eyesight to Diabetes at the age of 22.

I recently emailed Ginger on FB, (yes FB),to ask her how she felt about the services provided to the sightless on line, or how if they could be improved.

Hi Ginger, I was wondering—when adding information to a website there is always an area where we need to key in information for people of different needs, would there be anything from your point of view that you think is needed online? If so, I’d like to bring it to the attention of my class, whether or not we could do anything I”m unsure..we’d have to cross that bridge so to speak.


Ginger with guide dog Maggie

Hi Barb!

The most important thing is to make sure it is accessible. I imagine your class covered the accessibility of websites. if not, you can

visit http://www.section508.gov/ or http://www.w3.org/wai Some website that are interactive will add a mobile version. Usually, the mobile versions are much more accessible because there aren’t as many graphics. Always remember to label the graphics, and label them well. Nothing is more frustrating than to be teased by a partial label.

  Picture of a dog tells me nothing about the graphic picture.  Is the dog sitting?    Is the dog running?    Is the dog sleeping or eating?   I think you understand.   Personally, I hate the websites that are constantly changing.   Not sure what you call it, but it is difficult to read the text when it constantly changes as on a news website.

 Many thanks for asking!


Ginger  is an amazing woman besides all she’s been through.  Even though she  lost her sight she never let this keep her from living her life to the fullest .  Roller skating, riding on a harley (she was the passenger), volunteering, working, vacationing, going to concerts, plays, movies, and even driving a few times..in the drivers seat..not to mention life on a daily basis..  This is and should be another reason why we as developers need to create a visual picture to keep on creating for her minds eye and others.

Above Photo of Ginger with her Guide Dog Maggie  ( read about Maggie and her life saving talents.)

NCBI  Pub Med

Compusult    Why not an app?

Computer Technology for the Blind 

How do Blind People Use Computers? 

I’ve got a Code

I’m now trying to add code to my website and find it a bit daunting.  This time though, as opposed to others I’m not trying to strain myself and burst a blood vessel.  The comments I’m hearing at this stage of the game is, “it’ll happen when it happens.  I have this feeling it will, it’ll all come together and I’m looking forward to it.

A friend of mine was speaking of her manager, how she isn’t capable of filling in for her employees because she doesn’t have all the “info”.  If something were to happen,she, the manager, would  look mighty ridiculous and I’m  talking medical here.  That’s scary.   I realize what we do isn’t  life or death.  My points is, it’s  very important for the “click” to happen.  We, the developers need for it to happen.  We can dole out jobs once we have reached the academic mountain, be it in school or out,   but  if we are like that manager acquiring only half of what we should know we are only cheating ourselves.

I’ve spent too much time looking at code wondering what it was all about not to get it.  Recently I  finished my paper on PHP,which was both fascinating and confusing,  but with  all these pieces as  in-depth as they are, I can see each difficult puzzle piece  enhancing each other.

 Java Script and MySQLnow  looms  over me..That’s another story.

HTML graph for yashh.com

HTML graph for yashh.com (Photo credit: yashh)

I learned something the other day about adding code versus copy and paste.  Copy and paste is good, adding code is better.  I suppose it depends on what you’re wanting it for, and/or how much time you have.
After  going through the step by step of adding a table contact form and did so in my website I deemed it was ugly.  I don’t want ugly.  I want function and cute. Henceforth I ventured out to find the function and cute.  I did…I got one half of it but I’ll take it.  I’m not finished as of yet but it is coming along nicely.

Familiarity and repetition breeds the click.

Elementary Watson

Code Academy    Sign up and learn Java Script easily, odd statement, but it is possible with Code Academy.

Awhile back,  on The Pioneer Woman’s  website there was a section on  Homeschooling from a Web Designer who home schools her children.

Khan Academy not for profit worldwide site, is another site I was impressed with, it was more in the reason it was started how and why.  This man created this site because of his little sister,and the rest is history.

The founder of the organization, Salman Khan, was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.[5] After earning three degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (a BS in mathematics, a BS in electrical engineering and computer science, and an MS in electrical engineering and computer science), he pursued an MBA from Harvard Business School. In late 2004, Khan began tutoring his cousin Nadia in mathematics using Yahoo!‘s Doodle notepad. When other relatives and friends sought similar help, he decided it would be more practical to distribute the tutorials on YouTube.[5][6] Their popularity there and the testimonials of appreciative students prompted Khan to quit his job in finance as a hedge fund analyst at Connective Capital Management in 2009, and focus on the tutorials (then released under the moniker “Khan Academy”) full-time.[6] Bill Gates once said that “I’d say we’ve moved about 160 IQ points from the hedge fund category to the teaching-many-people-in-a-leveraged-way category. It was a good day his wife let him quit his job.”[7]

My point in posting the latter site on my blog is never under estimate what your imagination can manufacture.  You never know who is watching, especially since we live a nearly virtual world.

I decided to Google a few another site as well to see what I’d come up with.  Amazing.  Here is a link  Learning HTML for Kids of all Ages  in 12 easy lessons.  I wish.

Here is also another opinion from Extreme Tech  about  kids learning coding,  good things to think about.

While my blog is not intentionally intended for kids,  nor is it against, it was intended for learning,  and with any  form of learning  especially  the underbelly of web design its  extremely helpful because it’s  like  wading through  somewhat murky waters  sans waders